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“Inuksuit is inspired by the stone sentinels constructed over the centuries by the Inuit in the windswept expanses of the Arctic. The word “Inuksuit” translates literally: “to act in the capacity of the human”.
Inuksuit is a concert-length work for percussion, in which the performers are widely dispersed and move throughout a large, open area. The listeners, too, may move around freely and discover their own individual listening points. This work is intended to expand our awareness of the never-ending music of the world in which we live, transforming seemingly empty space into more fully experienced place.
Each performance of Inuksuit is different, determined by the size of the ensemble, the specific instruments chosen, and by the topology and vegetation of the site. There is no master score. Rather, this folio contains a collection of musical materials and possibilities for musicians to use in creating a unique realization of the work. Inuksuit invites exploration and discovery of the relationship between the music and the site, as well as the musicians’ interactions with both. The musicians are encouraged to consider carefully the selection of instruments, the distribution of performers, and the acoustical properties of the performance site.”
Everything is tied together in a variety of ways. Stonehenge was a ritual site now viewed as ancient public art. We are featuring new welded public art with similar acoustic properties to the Stonehenge stones. The piece being performed was modeled after other stone towers used as ritual sites across the globe from Stonehenge, and also uses primarily instruments that are struck for their acoustic properties.
Audience members are welcome to bring blankets and chairs, or simply stroll throughout the area amongst the performers during the piece.
Timeline for the event:
12pm Public arrives, Food Trucks present, Exhibition of welded art

1pm Performance of “Inuksuit”

2:30pm Q & A session, Continue exhibition of welded art