Cirque Éloize Hotel Presented By The Arts Council of Midland

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Cirque Eloize welcomes you into this timeless art deco hotel, a place where
strangers from all walks of life meet. HOTEL is the story of a place … but it is mainly a place full of stories. This is the place where we mingle with strangers for
a moment.

From the waiter, overwhelmed by the events to the mischievous maid, to the devoted handyman and his inseparable dog, Carpette, the hotel’s staff is like each of us, the privileged witnesses to slices of the lives of colorful individuals.

Carried by the voice of the client on the top floor who comments, testifies and
tells the story, meet the lovers who still do not know they are meant to be, these
improbable travelers and this celebrity who goes out of her way to win her place
to the firmament while revealing the depth of her being.

Enter the lobby doors of this grandiose place and discover with us the intricately woven story of these travelers!