Written & Composed by Ronald Bennett

Directed by Scott Windham; Co-Directed by Ben Spencer

Musical Direction by Gayle Bizzell

Choreography by Tammie Locklar-Talbott

Glowena, the Queen of the Flowers, has led a charmed life. When a storm comes and breaks the glass of the conservatory in which she lives, she is saved from too much exposure to the sun by a valiant weed who forces himself to grow quickly to protect her. She falls in love with him for saving her life, but tragedy soon follows. Glowena is left to remember his act of kindness that saved her life.

A musical presented by children for children teaches the lessons that there is beauty to be found in all things and sometimes great sacrifice is required to see life continue.

Written and composed by Ronald Bennett and presented as a tribute to his life and dedication to the arts community of Odessa, Texas.

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