Tuesdays with Morrie

Mitch Albom is a newspaper sports reporter and husband whose busy life is filled with work and travel. He has become so absorbed in his work that it consumes his life. Morrie Schwartz was Mitch’s favorite college professor at Brandeis University. Although sixteen years have passed since that time, he still remembers his graduation day: he says goodbye to Morrie and notices that he is crying as they hug. Mitch promises to stay in touch with Morrie but fails to do so after college.

Morrie has since been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gherig’s disease.
Sensing that death is near, Morrie begins jotting down his ideas and thoughts onto scraps of paper. He also writes his philosophies on life and death. One of Morrie’s friends becomes fascinated with his writings and sends them to a Boston Globe reporter who writes a feature story about Morrie. The story gets the attention of one of the producers of the show Nightline who then does a feature story about Morrie. Mitch happens to see the Nightline show and recognizes his old professor. He calls him to arrange a visit. During their discussions (every Tuesday for the next few months) they cover many topics, including learning to accept death, loving others and being a better human being. Mitch is so intrigued by Morrie’s philosophies that he starts taking notes and even brings a tape recorder to the second visit. He takes time out of his schedule and faithfully visits Morrie every week. The conversations are powerful and very emotional. With each meeting, Mitch is learning valuable life lessons but sees Morrie becoming increasingly sick. How long can these conversations continue? What lessons will Mitch take away from his
Tuesdays with Morrie?

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